The Foundation started in August 1996 and since that time we have accomplished a lot. Our brief history highlights many significant achievements. Our work primarily is to educate the public of Trinidad and Tobago, including our youth, about all matters pertaining to the prevention of Heart Disease and the avoidance of the risk from stroke.

We have held many seminars and public lectures throughout the country.

We have hosted international conferences, one of which was in association with the Caribbean Cardiac Society.

We have given audience to speakers from the U.K, U.S.A., Canada and the Caribbean.

We have distributed thousands of informational bulletins throughout the country.

Our history gives abundant evidence of how much we have done by way of public education, in an organization that is purely voluntary and dependent on fund raising events, and support from the public, to fulfill its objectives.



Our Objectives


To promote healthy lifestyles to lower CVD.


To educate the community on preventitive avenues to sustain healthy hearts.

Research and Development

To raise funds for research and development in heart disease prevention.

Community Outreach

To encourage heart professionals to give of their resources to community education.


To collaborate with the State on setting policy matters on food criteria, tobacco legislation and budgetary provisions to support CVD eradication.